Words and more. :)

I told myself I would never love again, as much as I didn't want to, you came along and made me.. N now Im afraid I will get my heart broken all over again...


how do u keep coming up with them?

I guess I think a lot.. :)

lol. thats a plain lie. u luv sum jerk (who doesnt kno) a lot missy. and u cant help thinking about him all d tym.

HAW!!!! :O

Ok, it is obvious I like someone a lot (note usage of 'like' instead of 'love' bcz im nt ready to 'love' yet).. but the guy is NOT a jerk, simply bcz he doesnt know.. n im his besttttt frndddd... !!!! :| hardly his mistake! :|

n yes i think of him all the tym, bt tht doesnt mean im sad or nethng, bcz the fact tht i mean a lot to him (jus nt in the same way i want) means a LOT to me. :)

P.S: Im a extremely weird grl! :P

chuckles to himself. :P

weird is overrated. liking ur best frnd is nuthin nu. liking him in a way he doesnt kno abt is again nuthin nu and being happy happy abt it all simply bcuz he cares is definitely totally awesumly and awefully the sign of an utter romantic.
sheesh...there are so many people like me.
ps: its not his mistake i guess.
and its not her mistake either. u r ryt. as usual. :P

damn!!! i belong in hell.

That is so me.. not the part where 'u came along' the first part....

i think you write straight from the heart.. these are really frank and open statements..keep posting more..

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I can be found here :)

I can be found here :)
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