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The things about rains is. u can cry all u want and yet only u kno whether it was ur own tears that drenced u or the tears of the angels u never had.

-- ScarletDiaries



ahem ahem. :P

:) :)

I jus read them on the blog n was wondering how good n true was tht.. nice one.. credit to SD of course :)

a better modification of the charlie chaplin saying i suppose.. "i cry in the rain so tht others dont see me crying"

Yeah i know. thnks to SD :)

Yes ive heard that one before.. :) its nice! :)

being quoted feels like a celeb. :P

annie!!! add something romantic and painful. i m waiting.

WOW... u write really well..

i ll definitely return to read more..

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hahahha... It isnt MY writing. credit the guy who commented above you :P :)

I can be found here :)

I can be found here :)
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