Words and more. :)

I know you have been hurt. I hav been hurt too. So I know how difficult it is to trust people when you get hurt.

I know you are afraid someone wont take care of ur heart again. I am too.

I know you think things wont last. I am too.

I know you are convinced this wont ever work. Ha! I am too...

Will I sound utterly stupid if I still say.. I really really like you...

A whole lot more than I know I should be...


That was sweet, Annie, and to be honest, a little too close to home...

Psstt ill tell u a lil secret aneev, tht wasnt a quote from my collection...it was jus smthng thts been on my mind a lot lately... :) :)


I can be found here :)

I can be found here :)
'Ice Maiden'

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There's one thing a quote does that nothing and no one else can do... it can become a part of you. You may never meet the person who said it but that person is now a companion. Quotes help you get over pain, feel love, make you smile and laugh, and helps you through those tough days when you think that no one knows what you're going through.


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