Words and more. :)

Will you be my Valentine even if I'm a world away?

P.S: :)


It depends. How big a world are we talking about here?

What does being your Valentine entail? Do I get cotton candy and gifts on a regular basis? Do I have to get you a card that plays love-tunes at full volume?

Specifics, lady! :P


umm, world away specifically means me staying n mumbai n d guy in question staying whrever else in d universe :P

Yes u get gifts on a regular basis, and if u wud be MY valentine, u wudnt be asking for cottoin candy (thts for kids). rest assured, u'll get chocolates :P

No cards are a no-no on the list, esp ones that play music. (ugh!). though flowers are a BIG yes-yes. always will be expected. :P

are we clear? :)

Chocolate's way cooler than cotton candy, I guess :P

Aye, aye, captain, we're clear on the card bit.

I can be found here :)

I can be found here :)
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